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Cross Xaml Tools

Sharing code between WPF and Silverlight is relatively straightforward. But sharing XAML (building the exact same .xaml file without changes) is much more difficult. This toolkit aims to make it a lot easier by offering a collection of classes, controls and behaviors that bridge the gaps to create a uniform set of functionality across platforms.

These are not replacements for existing controls -- you are still working with the existing controls, so there are still many cases where functionality available on one platform (usually WPF) is not available on the other (Silverlight). In those cases, the only advice is "don't do that". As noted, some of the gaps have been filled, but it's not feasible to reach 100% feature compatibility across the platforms.

In addition to using this toolkit, it would help to understand the key differences between the platforms and potential workarounds. In many cases, merely being aware of the differences will help you avoid going in a platform-specific direction and instead choosing a more compatible approach.

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