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  • FreshMeat.ErrorHandlingBlock Provides simple handling of transient errors that can occur with any network communication. Retries, intervals, mapping and detection can all be fully customized.
  • FreshMeat.MiniHsm Extremely lightweight and efficient yet complete implementation of an HSM.
  • FreshMeat.Storage Provides an abstract repository for storing and retrieving data with concrete implementations for file system, Isolated Storage, memory; serialization options include Json.NET, DataContractSerializer and XmlSerializer; all of it easily extensible to support custom stores and alternate serialization.
  • FreshMeat.CrossXamlTools Helps make it possible to share both code and XAML WITHOUT CHANGES between WPF and Silverlight applications.
  • FreshMeat.Threading Provides an abstract resource locking mechanism (including reader/writer lock) and several concrete implementations.
  • FreshMeat.SystemShims Fills in a few of the low-level gaps between the platforms so your code doesn't have to deal with them.

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