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Project Description
Assorted code packages that came out of personal projects and seemed suitable for sharing with the community.

These are cross-platform, typically targeting .NET 4.5, Silverlight 5, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store Apps. Older versions (.NET 4.0, Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7.x) are targeted when doing so doesn't require much additional effort. Being able to use the same code across multiple platforms was often the primary motivation for rolling my own instead of using existing packages.
  • FreshMeat.ErrorHandlingBlock Provides simple handling of transient errors that can occur with any network communication. Retries, intervals, mapping and detection can all be fully customized.
  • FreshMeat.MiniHsm Extremely lightweight and efficient yet complete implementation of an HSM.
  • FreshMeat.Storage Provides an abstract repository for storing and retrieving data with concrete implementations for file system, Isolated Storage, memory; serialization options include Json.NET, DataContractSerializer and XmlSerializer; all of it easily extensible to support custom stores and alternate serialization.
  • FreshMeat.CrossXamlTools Helps make it possible to share both code and XAML WITHOUT CHANGES between WPF and Silverlight applications.
  • FreshMeat.Threading Provides an abstract resource locking mechanism (including reader/writer lock) and several concrete implementations.
  • FreshMeat.SystemShims Fills in a few of the low-level gaps between the platforms so your code doesn't have to deal with them.

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